Julia Observational Essay

Julia’s crazy, hilarious personality never fails to amuse those around her. Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” This quote accurately describes Julia’s life. Because of the caring person she is, Julia strongly dislikes anything sad or depressing. She distracts herself from these emotions by filling her life with fun and excitement. She always seeks a good time and anything below that is a disappointment. She makes impulsive decisions and never stops to think about the consequences before she dives in headfirst. Somehow she always comes out the other end of every situation without any negativity. Julia is stunningly beautiful, fun, and hilarious, and her personality is genuine and loving, as she cares for the people around her. 

Dark brown hair drapes down over her shoulders like chocolate silk. Her freckle-covered face and sun-kissed body perfectly match her glowing smile and genuine personality. Her brown eyes sparkle in the sunlight as she looks up to the sky with a smile brighter than the sun resting on her face. She speaks quietly, as she is shy, yet her words are vibrant and her mind is filled with color. However, to those dear to her, she speaks loudly and never ceases to make you smile. She stands up straight as an arrow carrying dance in every step. She moves through life with a smile on her face and a laugh that fills the room.

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Julia’s heart sinks when she watches those get sad or think too deeply, she wants life to be fun and carefree. The more enthusiasm and entertainment, the better. When something remotely rough happens, she might get sad for a brief second, but later goes right back to her usual happy self. She despises drama and sadness. She loves to make jokes on top of jokes to make you laugh. Sassy and sarcastic, she is, but yet she loves immensely. Living lightly, she doesn’t think too much and enjoys the moment looking for the good things in life. She lives for a good, fun, and exciting time. Julia’s main goal is to live life constantly at the edge of her seat with anticipation for the next minute. 

Julia’s extraordinary, unique personality is loving and caring like a mother, but protective like a big brother. She will love people endlessly unless someone gets on her bad side. This is hard to achieve because she is such a happy, joyful, loving person, but if someone does, she is not so loving towards them. In that case, good luck. If you hurt someone she cares about you will get added to her “list”. This list consists of people she strongly dislikes and is very passive-aggressive towards. She hates to see the people she loves upset, so she will do everything she can to change that. Julia will always be loving and caring until someone hurts a family member or close friend which unleashes her protective personality trait. 

Julia is the friend many people dream to have. She is always up for anything as long as it is a good time and will love you as long as you love her the same. She always seeks to make everyone happy and does anything in order to accomplish that. No matter the situation her laugh and smile light up a room, this makes it extremely difficult to stay sad when being around her. She protects her family and friends and won’t let others bring them down. Julia is truly and extremely amazing girl who strongly loves those around her, living for a good time.

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